Monday, April 8, 2013

Need for Speed: Undercover, PS3: First Impressions

Another PS3 game review, thanks to my local library for having a PS3 and games.
The game is pretty good, but I had to play it in POV mode to keep from over-steering. You play as an undercover cop (Which is where the name comes from) trying to infiltrate a criminal organisation. There's not much to say about it, it's a driving game and it's pretty good (For something by EA), but the police mechanics are pretty badly done, I was in the middle of a mission to do a certain dollar amount of damage, and got a whole bunch of cops on my tail. As I was in the middle of destroying the cars I lost control for long enough for them to surround me. "No problem" I thought, and backed up to get some room to gain speed, and smashed the R2 trigger with all my might, but just as I was about to ram through the barrier I got caught and the arrest sequence ensued. That by itself isn't the main complaint, the main complaint is that I couldn't resume the mission when the game resumed. Although the game is pretty good, there's a few missions that require a good deal of memory to complete them, which requires that you to play them over several times, which gets starts to feel a bit grinding. Not that I'm saying the game is too hard, it's just a little bit annoying at times.
All in all I like it, it's pretty good. Best racing game I've played all year (Only reason I say that is because F-Zero X's been collecting dust), impressive graphics, the FMVs might as well be actual people (And come to think of it might be) for all the realism and detail. The cars show realistic damage effects and the lack of pedestrians is a step up from Grand Theft Auto since you don't have to worry about avoiding them if you stray off the road (Which will happen all the time). One problem I have is that the PS3's trigger buttons make it hard to keep my index finger on them, so if you're gonna get the PS3 version I hope you have an aftermarket controller with better triggers or else just get the Xbox 360, Wii, or PS2 versions (Although I find analog triggers a must for driving games). Cya tomorrow!