Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Amazing Spider-Man: A retrospective

Time for a retrospective on one of my articles, the movie review of The Amazing Spider-Man:
I recently made a few changes to the article to make meanings clearer and capitalization issues have been corrected, since it was a midnight showing and I was trying to get my point across as fast as possible I didn't fix a few issues with it, nor did I cover as much of the plot as I had wanted. The cinematography issues I stated were exclusive to the showing I went to, and didn't carry over to the DVD version, which presented it in a crisper, albeit several yards smaller form. The movie was paced well and the characters were all believable, they never acted in a way that didn't fit who they were, and nothing was left untouched.
The leadup to the climactic scene was heartwarming and the climax itself was both expected, and gut-wrenching (If you've read the comics), considering the characters. With the "Superior Spider-Man" stupidity coming out of Marvel and the Rami trilogy ending with a resounding "meh" this is the definitive Spider-Man saga. Sony, don't let it get screwed up again.