Thursday, April 4, 2013

Trauma Center: Under the Knife, first impressions

Keeping with the visual novels on the DS, I started the first Trauma Center last night:
After just coming off of the first Ace Attorney game, this is fairly disappointing. There's practically no characterization of the "people" in this game, nothing I've done so far feels like it has an impact on anything, the characters don't feel human, and so far the only thing that feels intense are the operations.
There's not much of a story so far, there's only one intense operation so far, and there's not much impact to what I do, and there's not enough choices to be had. You can touch the screen (Or press A) to make the dialogue finish loading, but it's too easy to skip it if you accidentally touch it again. Sometimes the touchscreen controls are a bit off as well, and in an operation that could lead to a critical mistake. For instance, your patients have a vitality meter that drops the longer you take. You can increase it by touching the syringe and drawing upwards, then holding it down somewhere to inject it. That's fine IN THEORY, but in a pinch you can lose a patient because the controls are so wonky, this also applies to suctioning blood and other obscuring liquid from the screen, it takes too long because the controls are fairly messed up, if they just let you hold the stylus on the bottle of liquid to prepare for an injection or hold it down when you're suctioning. This carries over to the suturing, it takes quite a while to suture an incision or wound until it will mend, and now I address the tape:
When you're closing up you're required to tape it, unfortunately that's easier said than done since the hit-zone for the tape is quite small, if you go over by a tiny bit then you lose a miss chance and have to restart the taping. Also for some reason you have a limited use of syringes, antibiotic gel, and a few other things (Which I can't remember at the moment) which recharge over time, who at Atlus approved that? I get that they want to keep you from spamming vitality injections, but since they take up time and you've got a five-minute time-limit isn't that enough? Believe it or not the time-limit adds intensity to the operations, but I have a feeling it'll get in the way later on.
So far I'm pretty meh about the game, hope it gets better later or I'll have wasted my time.