Sunday, April 28, 2013

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, first impressions

Battlefield 2: Modern combat was made for the PS2 and Xbox, I got ahold of the Xbox version myself

It's okay, I really like the hotswapping technique that lets you swap between soldiers and places on the battlefield, but there's no run feature, the ADS system is tedious to enter and exit (And sometime not there for certain guns), the weapon switching is overly complicated, and the health system makes no sense. Aside from those little issues I actually think that the game could be good if the hacking mission made any modicum of sense. In that very same mission you have access to vehicles, and although they control pretty well, they don't let you defend it in any way if you're driving it, how hard would hood-mounted machine-guns have been to implement? Also, if you're gonna have an FPS of any kind you try to make to controls as EASY to use as possible. The "Crouch" button isn't the "Stand Up" button, and even though it would stand to reason that the "Stand Up" button would be the "Run" button to pretty much anyone who's played a shooter before. Stuff like this isn't an issue in Perfect Dark, because the weapons system lets you change quickly and your movement is manageable, although it's been so long since I played it that I don't know if you could run. Another thing I need to address is the loading times, they happen whenever you start a mission, so on top of being mildly confusing to someone who isn't already intimately familiar with the Battlefield series it's poorly optimized, although I might need to read the Xbox manual to see how to install data on the drive. Referring back to the second mission, you're supposed to be protecting this hacker while he installs viruses in the mainframe of the enemy or whatever. Personally I don't care about the story, it's just sort of there. Funny thing is that instead of protecting the hacker, it'll arbitrarily say "Upload compromised" at times, and stop.... I've got no clue how it's supposed to work, and until I figure it out I won't get back to the game. The reason I wanted to get into the Battlefield series was because I thought it looked cool, but if this game is any indication of the rest of the games.... Well suffice to say I'm not too impressed so far, I might not even get back to it, although I WILL publish what I shot of it.