Sunday, April 14, 2013

Resident Evil Revelations demo

This is the demo that made me change my mind about the Resident Evil series as a whole, it made me go back and play RE2, RE3, and Survivor, and that led to me playing RE4 for my channel and start looking into getting more Resident Evil games. The camera position, the control, the gameplay, everything about it blew me away. Unlike Resident Evil PSX (And all subsequent ports) the voice-acting seems fairly professionally done and almost every bit of the controller is used for something. Unfortunately I haven't gotten ahold of a Circle-pad pro yet so I don't know how it's used. If you've played Resident Evil 4 and liked it you'll probably like this. One thing I need to cite is the atmosphere, it's absolutely perfect. Of course I first played it in bed, in the dark, sometime around midnight so that helped enhance the atmosphere. Most of the "Scares" actually startled me, compared to the ones in RE1 which just barely held my interest for a few minutes before going back to boring corridors and dull graphics. This demo shows enough about the game to make me want to buy it. Unfortunately my local GameStop never has it when I'm there so I'm probably going to have to order it.