Saturday, April 6, 2013

The World Ends With You: Final Thoughts

Well done Square-Enix, another beautiful masterpiece. The World Ends With You is the best game I've beaten for modern handhelds, the story it tells is perfect and the game never gets boring. The boss-fights are intense, even on Easy mode, and although there are MINOR issues with the touch-screen controls that can be the difference between winning and losing, that may have just been me not adapting to the way it works properly. In battle your partner controls with either A, B, X, and Y or the directional-pad. Being right-handed I chose the d-pad, which over the course of the playthrough developed a rough-patch thanks to the fast-paced action and quick movements required to complete combo-attacks. Since I couldn't beat most of the bosses on normal difficulty I would up switching to easy at about the third or fourth try depending on the boss (And it's still challenging, the only difference I noticed was that their HP drains quicker), and the final-boss took me FOUR tries even on EASY, so that shows you how hard the game is. If you've only got a 3DS and no DSi, DSi XL or original DS I'd suggest getting one of the aformentioned DS systems since fighting requires quick movements with the D-pad on the DS and I'd be afraid that I'd break the joystick, and the 3DS is so small that using the D-pad would be even more cramp-inducing, so just play it on an original-run DS. Since the use of the touch-screen is REQUIRED I'd suggest getting the official scree-protectors before you play TWEWY. I went into this knowing nothing about the game despite having thoroughly researched it on Amazon prior to purchase, and I've come out of it with most of my questions answered. There are gut-punch plot-twists, not too many (Otherwise they wouldn't be gut-punch), just enough to keep you guessing, and I'm not sure if it has multiple endings. I chose what I myself in real life would choose when a moral-choice came up, and I kept doing that until the end, I'll have to check out the time-select feature later to see if there are multiple endings. As for endgame rewards you can select something and play through an alternate version of the game, but I think that the ending-theme is reward enough personally. Like I said before, the game is awesome, the soundtrack is awesome, and the game-play is awesome, 10.1*. Just know this, you'll want to play this game on a 3DS XL, DSi XL, or an original DS because the DS lite and 3DS are too small. Alternatively you could get a gaming-grip for the 3DS or DS.